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What is an RV And How Can it Change Your Travel Experience?

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Hodophiles, are you tired of traveling traditionally in cars or buses and stopping by motels? Well, then RVs can help you change that.

But ‘what is an RV?’ you may ask. It is a vehicle that has the set-up of your home, with the kitchen, washroom, and cozy sleeping area while you are still on the wheels.

Convenience is the main advantage of traveling in an RV. You can stop by any place whenever you want to take a break and jump straight right into your bed.

Living in an RV is like being at home while on the go. Keep reading to discover the fantastic benefits of having a recreational van and learn how it can change your entire traveling experience.

What is an RV?

what is an rv

An RV (Recreational Van) is a vehicle designed for traveling and living. It is a motor vehicle or trailer (depending on the type) that includes living quarters designed for accommodation.

They are compact yet include everything you require for a home away from home. However, some RVs can be so spacious and detailed that people ditch their traditional houses and opt for a life on wheels.

Based on specifications, there are class A, B, and C RVs.

Main Types of RVs

There’s an RV for everyone, depending on the requirement. I have briefly listed the five most common types with their features and benefits.

1. Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are a type of RV where the extension of living space as the trailer is towed behind a vehicle. It is considered an affordable option, as the trailer comes in different sizes based on your requirement.

It has basic amenities like a kitchen, bedroom, and toilet, but not as spacious as other RVs like motorhomes.

2. Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel

This RV offers ample space and a luxurious experience. But you need a pick-up truck to carry the trailer of a fifth-wheel RV.

You should go for a fifth wheel if you are looking for an RV with multiple-slide outs, a full-size kitchen, a toilet, and a living space.

3. Lightweight Trailers

Lightweight Trailers

Lightweight trailers are RVs made with lighter materials, weighing lighter than the rest. If you own a vehicle that can carry only light trailers, go for this.

4. Tent Trailer

Tent Trailer

Famously known as pop-up campers, tent trailers are ideal for those who want to experience camping without the nuisance of setting up a tent.

Tent trailers are small and lightweight, with minimal cooking and sleeping space. If you want to be on the go and alone with an RV, a tent trailer will be perfect for you.

5. Motorhomes


There are different kinds of motorhomes, namely class A, B, and C.

  • Class A Motorhome is the picture-perfect RV that we are well aware of. These RVs are spacious and typically run on six wheels.

However, like its size, its price is also heavy. But it will be worth every penny if you have the cash to splurge.

  • Class B Motorhome is a van converted into an RV by raising the roof heights and extending the overall length of the RV. The design can vary with manufacturers, but you can customize it.
  • Class C Motorhomes are larger than class B ones but smaller than class A. You can recognize this type of RV with an over-the-cab sleeping area where six people can accommodate at ease.

They have full-size kitchens and bathrooms and are a good choice for families.

How Can an RV Change Your Travel Experience?

Wondering why you should go for an RV? Here‘s how an RV can change your life. 

1. Cost-Effective Traveling

If you are a globe-totter and love traveling frequently, an RV can make your road trips much cheaper. You save on hotels, airfare, restaurant meals, and other traveling charges.

In return, you’d only need to pay for the gas and parking (this also gets out of the way if you are camping in a place where parking is free).

2. Forget Worrying About Hotel Bookings

Forget Worrying About Hotel Bookings
Image Credit: getawaycouple.com

Hotels and motels can burn a hole in your pocket. And they are a waste of money if you’ll be traveling around the place the entire time. Plus, who wants to go through the hassle of bookings?

Instead, you can live in an RV and splurge that extra cash on local food and other entertainment.

3. Carry Your Home With You

Traveling in RV is best for heavy packers. Your luggage has no weight limit, and you can carry the entire home with you.

4. Always Pet Friendly

Always Pet Friendly
Image Credit: koa.com

If you are a pet parent, you know how difficult it is to find pet-friendly modes of traveling and accommodation. With RVs, forget worrying about that too. 

5. Perfect For Social Distancing

If you are skeptical about post-pandemic traveling, the RV will be your safest option. Travel isolated and forget worrying about social distance.

6. Best For Minimalist Lifestyle

Best For Minimalist Lifestyle
Image Credit: heathandalyssa.com

If you have a minimalist lifestyle, you might enjoy the van life more than an apartment life. Hence invest in an RV rather than paying outrageous house rent.


1. Are RVs and motorhomes the same?

RV is a category, and a motorhome is a subcategory of RVs. So while every motorhome is an RV, the opposite is not true.

2. How often should I maintain my RV?

You should take your RV to service at least once a year.

3. Which RV is best if I want to live permanently in a van?

If you want to join the van life, any of the motorhomes will be a suitable RV for you.

Wrapping Up

In simple words, RVs let you bring your home wherever you go. Whether your job requires you to travel a lot or you want to use your RV for passion, investing in a good RV can make your travel much more comfortable and easier.

However, if you travel overseas or fly internationally, an RV may not be the best option. So, the choice ultimately falls upon one’s personal preference.

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